Six: The Nectar of Immortality

44. When I do not have the knowingness of the ‘I am’ illusion, the Parabrahman state prevails.

45. You prevail for ever without identity of body form, name or any other illusory datum.

46. How was I before this sense of being appeared with the title of birth?

47. ‘I amness’ appears and disappears, I, the Absolute, cannot be that, I forever prevail.

48. In spite of your worldly activities, you are unborn, you are apart from all.

49. The Atman is recognized by understanding the knowledge ‘I am’ – the atma-jnana.

50. There is no question of the Atman needing to enter the body since it is already everywhere.

51. You – the Absolute – bereft of any body identity, are complete, perfect and the Unborn.

52. You never had any birth. Forms appearing and disappearing is a play of the five elements, where are you in this and where is the question of your coming and going?

53. Atman has no birth, it is not created like the body; it is the unborn principle, the Brahman.

54. Once you realize you are not the body, then you are one with the consciousness. In due course you transcend the consciousness and dwell as the Highest.

55. The witness of the consciousness is the highest principle, the Absolute.

56. A realized one, having transcended the realm of beingness, ever abides in the eternal Absolute.

57. With the fulfillment of jnana-yoga, all that which is understood is made unreal.

58. Go back one day prior to your conception, which is the Parabrahman state with no needs for anything.

59. Catch hold of the knowledge ‘I am’ in meditation and in the process the realization occurs that ‘I’ the Absolute am not the ‘I am’.

60. Atman is not an individual; it feels the sense of being through a body with senses operating, otherwise Atman does not feel itself.

61. That ‘I’ which can discern the absence of the present ‘I am’ prior to conception must already be there to judge this.

62. Before this appearance did you have any knowledge?

63. The knowledge ‘I am’ means consciousness, God, Ishwara, guru etc, but You the Absolute are not that.

64. This sampleless condition is called the Parabrahman – a non-experiential state.

65. Go to the root of your beingness. In the process, the beingness will be transcended and the ultimate ‘You’ only remains, without then knowledge ‘you are’.

66. In the ultimate state ‘you-are-ness’ is totally forgotten, ‘I am’ or ‘I-am-not’ both are forgotten, this is the highest type of rest – Parama-vishranti.

67. I pleased my ‘I amness’ by understanding it and in the process also discovered that I, the Absolute, am not that ‘I am’.

68. The word or feeling ‘I am’ that you get inside you – is not eternal. But You are eternal and ancient.

69. Before the appearance of beingness or knowingness, I, the Absolute am already there, eternally.

70. When the beingess is not you are the Absolute.

71. That which is changing continuously is unreal. No change can be made in the real.

72. World is experiential, but ‘You’ the Absolute, are non-experiential.

73. Prior to birth this ‘you-are-ness’ was not associated with ‘You’ the Absolute.


Division Line


The Nisargadatta Sadhana

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