Six: The Nectar of Immortality

Nisargadatta Maharaj 9 Border Frame

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

Division Line

Six The Nectar of Immortality - The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

1. Whatever you think, is not you, you cannot think about yourself. Perceive this clearly and be thought-free.

2. To realize and abide in that state prior to conception is the highest.

3. Before conception is you most natural and perfect state, it always prevails, even after the beingness goes.

4. Before my birth, at my conception, who pulled me into the womb and in what form? That was possible only if I had a form prior to conception.

5. There was no need for knowledge when this beingess was not.

6. Once the seed (‘I amness’) is gone you are in your eternal state.

7. Right now I am interested only in the state eight days prior to conception, the Parabrahman state.

8. Understand the beingess and its play, transcend it and abide in the state prior to conception.



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