Five: The Experience of Nothingness

15. Knowingess (‘I am’, ‘you are’) is the Atman, nothing other than God.

16. When you worship ‘you are’ as the manifest Brahman only, you reach immortality.

17. The one who has the firm conviction that except for the ‘I amness’ there is no other self, he stabilzes in the Parabrahman.

18. All I say would be reduced to illusion when you reach the highest.

19. You true nature is such that it can have no color or design.

20. The highest state is the unborn state, in which there is no experience.

21. That state in the absence of this beingness or prior to maya is the Absolute.

22. Abiding in itself this knowingness is able to quit this state and abide in the no-knowingness state, the Absolute.

23. You, as the Absolute, are not the knowledge ‘I am’.

24. Only that individual who has lost his individuality has merged with the Parabrahman.

25. Before you occurred to yourself as ‘I am’, you were in the highest state – the guru of gurus – Parabrahman.

26. Before you knew yourself, that was your true state.

27. Eliminate everything. In that state you will have no color, no design, no form, no name.

28. In the unmanifest Absolute there is no consciousness of existence at all.

29. The guru says: ‘You are Parabrahman and nothing else’. Accept that with great conviction and all that appears will seem to be palpably false.

30. Accepting the guru’s words with total conviction can transform your entire destiny, entire life.

31. I am the Parabrahman only! Adhere to this fundamental principle.

32. The deep sense in you that ‘you are’ (‘I am’) must accept that you are the Parabrahman, not the mind.

33. Only a non-illusory state can know the illusory state.

34. The no-being state is the Absolute.

35. Brahman is manifest; Parabrahman is beyond or prior to that, the Absolute.

36. The Absolute Parabrahman state is prior to consciousness, it means the unborn state.

37. The eternal means: the Unborn. The truth is like that. The eternal is like that.

38. The one who recognizes all these time-bound stages, that one is beyond time, is prior to time. Stay put there.

39. When the knowingness is transformed into non-knowingness, that is the liberation.

40. Whatever happens, you stay put in the confidence that you are the manifest Brahman, or you are the Absolute.


Division Line


The Nisargadatta Sadhana

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