Five: The Experience of Nothingness

Nisargadatta Maharaj 9 Border Frame

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

Division Line

Five: The Experience of Nothingness

1. The presence (‘I am’) itself is not there in the Absolute.

2. This knowledge ‘I am’, this consciousness, has come of a prior state, where there was no consciousness.

3. Only the ‘non-I amness’ can meet the nothingness.

4. In the Absolute there is no knowingness.

5. At the highest level, in reality, nothing is. At the worldly level (in unreality), everything is.

6. In the process of trying to understand, you get purified and the process subsides.

7. In the absence of knowingness, where is the question of misery, pain or pleasure?

8. Stay put in ‘I am nothing’ and you’ll mature quickly.

9. Reject everything and settle down where there is no more observation.

10. Everything will go, but you will not go, you will not die.

11. My state is: I am, without parents, I am the unborn.

12. Knowledge removes ignorance and itself goes, what remains is the Absolute.

13. I am and I am not, and I am neither.

14. I am certainly not presence and not even the presence of absence.



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