Four: Consciousness and the Absolute

61. You were not born at all; only the announcement of your existence is there.

62. You existed even prior to your birth, your existence is eternal, but the knowledge that you existed came about when you were a few years old.

63. Prior to any other recognition, you already are.

64. How can there be the experience of truth? It is prior to the beingness.

65. Knowingly you cannot go into that (beyond time).

66. This consciousness (the one full of concepts) is dead to me; it is gone, I have transcended it.

67. When nothing is, you still are.

68. You the Absolute watch the consciousness; therefore, you are not that.

69. I am the total functioning every moment, millions of years ago or now.

70. The Ultimate principle which knows this beingness cannot be named at all.

71. The Ultimate ‘you’ can never be lost, you will only loose what you know.

72. When one subsides in one’s true identity, nothing matters, because nothing is.

73. You are not that ‘I am’.You are, as the Absolute, prior to this ‘I am’.

74. Without the feeling of ‘I am’, still you are.

75. I abide in the no-knowing state.

76. When your individuality is dissolved you will not see individuals anywhere, it is just a functioning in consciousness.

77. A sound is emanating out of the body, just words, it is not somebody talking, just happening, not doing.

78. The Absolute alone prevails; there is nothing but the Absolute.

79. When you are That and convinced so, there is no question of choice or repeating ‘I am That, I am That’.

80. Consciousness has not happened at all. When it tries to understand itself it gets stabilized in due course in the Absolute.

81. The body is of as much use now as it was prior to birth and after the death.

82. The unborn is enjoying the birth-principle. That principle took so much time to understand this, and it is the unborn only that prevails.

83. All my knowledge has gone into liquidation, I am unconcerned.


Division Line


The Nisargadatta Sadhana

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