Three: Prior to Consciousness

73. You true state was there before the body and consciousness arose, is there now and will be after the body and consciousness go.

74. Give thought to the state before experiencing began.

75. Even when the consciousness goes you prevail – you always are – as the Absolute.

76. It is the consciousness that gets liberated – there is no entity.

77. It must happen that the consciousness is no longer conscious of itself.

78. Knowingness in its ultimate state is no-knowingness.

79. If you have clearly understood what I am saying you would have no specific intention or interest left.

80. Do everything with the understanding that when the body and consciousness go, you need do nothing.

81. Consciousness disappearing there will be no sense of presence – but I shall very much be, without the sense of presence.

82. Before the ‘I am’ arrived I knew no time; birth, living and death constitute nothing but time, duration.

83. Come to firm conclusion that I am nothing.

84. You must have the firm conviction that you are unaffected by birth and death.

85. No-knowing is highest in the hierarchy of spirituality; the Absolute transcends both knowing and no-knowing.


Division Line


The Nisargadatta Sadhana

Pradeep Apte

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