Three: Prior to Consciousness

28. You are prior to the idea ‘I am’, camp yourself there, prior to the words ‘I am’.

29. You must recede into the no-knowingness when you are awake.

30. I was, I am and I shall be in that original state before the ‘I amness’ came.

31. I am fully established in that unborn state.

32. I am the God, I am the devotee and I am the worshipping.

33. You must know yourself bereft of the body sense.

34. The one who expresses ‘I was not’ is secure, stable and eternal.

35. The one who recognizes the imperfect is perfect and complete.

36. With reference to your true Parabrahman state Maya does not exist.

37. You know what you are not – what you are you cannot know.

38. Prior to knowingness is the prior-most principle which knows the consciousness.

39. Death is inevitable so why not accept it right now that it cannot affect you?

40. What you have heard from me is to be understood, used and given up.

41. Without the body sense I am perfect, total and complete.

42. You are changeless and permanent.

43. You have no beginning and no end, you are eternal.

44. Parabrahman is your eternal state; you cannot remember it because you have never forgotten it.

45. Go back to your original state before this consciousness came upon you.

46. The One which is listening and you do not know, is you.

47. As the Absolute I have no experience of myself.

48. On hearing these words all your knowledge will evaporate suddenly and you’ll be wonderstruck.

49. I as the Absolute do not need this consciousness.

50. Where is the question when the instrument of questioning is kept aside?

51. On your no-knowing state suddenly the knowingness has appeared and created all the mischief.

52. I am before anything can happen.

53. Knowledge is ignorance, it has a beginning and an end, had it been real it would be eternal.

54. Sat Guru means the eternal state, which will never change, what you are.

55. The one directed by a Sat Guru has no more birth, his Sadhana is over.

56. Why die as a body? Have the highest ambition so that at least while dying you are the Absolute.

57. One is the Absolute (No ‘I am’), two is consciousness (‘I am’), three is space (world).

58. To know you are nothing is real liberation.

59. When all your knowledge including yourself is liquidated – then you are liberated.

60. The unknown is the truth.

61. I have no need of any experience.

62. You are prior to consciousness. In that state there is no pleasure or pain.

63. What am I when this temporary state is gone and before it comes? – That itself is the search.

64. The ultimate knowledge does not have any knowledge.

65. If you have really understood, no questions can arise; questions arise only to an entity.

66. As long as you believe you are entity, spiritual salvation and all this talk is useless.

67. As an entity you want to know the Absolute, it’s not possible, because you are the Absolute.

68. When you really, intuitively understand what I am saying, it’s the end of your spiritual search.

69. Prior to consciousness, who is there and with what instrument one can be conscious?

70. The state prior to consciousness is always there. Right now it is there.

71. Your true identity is a state of not-knowing, total, complete and perfect.

72. This sense of presence is unreal, like a dream.



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