Two: Seeds of Consciousness

14. Go back to the source, take your stand in the original state.

15. Beingness is the child of no-beingness, the Absolute.

16. Prior to witnessing you are.

17. Something prior to the creation of the body knows that there is a body.

18. When you did not have the body, complete satisfaction existed.

19. The one who knows these appearances is the Satguru Parabrahman.

20. ‘I amness’ is a part of the play. You are prior to the ‘I amness’.

21. You are not the sound from the Brahma-randhra which says ‘I am’.

22. The arrival of my beingness without my knowing constitutes my parents.

23. How can that which depends on the body be the truth?

24. I prevail prior to anything, I ever exist.

25. Prior to the appearance of childhood, that is my eternal state.

26. I only observe the appearance and disappearance of beingess.

27. When you didn’t know that you were, that is your true state.

28. The one who observes the being and no-being state is the True state.

29. Only what was before the body came into existence will remain after the body dies.

30. Lord Krishna was the unborn, the Nirguna principle, just as you are.

31. You are unborn and shall ever remain unborn.

32. The world and the mind – everything – are unreal, but I am not those.


Division Line


The Nisargadatta Sadhana

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