Six: The Nectar of Immortality

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

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Six The Nectar of Immortality - The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

1. Whatever you think, is not you, you cannot think about yourself. Perceive this clearly and be thought-free.

2. To realize and abide in that state prior to conception is the highest.

3. Before conception is you most natural and perfect state, it always prevails, even after the beingness goes.

4. Before my birth, at my conception, who pulled me into the womb and in what form? That was possible only if I had a form prior to conception.

5. There was no need for knowledge when this beingess was not.

6. Once the seed (‘I amness’) is gone you are in your eternal state.

7. Right now I am interested only in the state eight days prior to conception, the Parabrahman state.

8. Understand the beingess and its play, transcend it and abide in the state prior to conception.



Five: The Experience of Nothingness

Nisargadatta Maharaj 9 Border Frame

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

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Five: The Experience of Nothingness

1. The presence (‘I am’) itself is not there in the Absolute.

2. This knowledge ‘I am’, this consciousness, has come of a prior state, where there was no consciousness.

3. Only the ‘non-I amness’ can meet the nothingness.

4. In the Absolute there is no knowingness.

5. At the highest level, in reality, nothing is. At the worldly level (in unreality), everything is.

6. In the process of trying to understand, you get purified and the process subsides.

7. In the absence of knowingness, where is the question of misery, pain or pleasure?

8. Stay put in ‘I am nothing’ and you’ll mature quickly.

9. Reject everything and settle down where there is no more observation.

10. Everything will go, but you will not go, you will not die.

11. My state is: I am, without parents, I am the unborn.

12. Knowledge removes ignorance and itself goes, what remains is the Absolute.

13. I am and I am not, and I am neither.

14. I am certainly not presence and not even the presence of absence.


Four: Consciousness and the Absolute

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

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Four Consciousness and the Absolute - The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

1. The knowledge in you which knows change is itself changeless, permanent.

2. You did, and do, exist unto eternity.

3. Everything is beingess, but I, the Absolute, am not that.

4. The body-form is merely an opportunity to experience time.

5. The essence and sum total of this whole talk is called Sat-guru Parabrahman, that state in which there are no requirements.

6. I am the principle which survives all the creations, all the dissolutions.

7. How can questions relating to that which was prior to the body and consciousness be answered?

8. Appearance and disappearance, birth and death, these are qualities of beingness, they are not your qualities.

9. Attain that state which is and was prior to the body.

10. Movement of the Sat-guru’s feet begins from no-knowingness to knowingness.

11. Holding the Sat-guru’s feet is the borderline between knowingness and no-knowingness.

12. Your true being exists prior to the arising of any concepts, apprehending this is being dead to ‘I am the body’ while alive.

13. When beingness forgets itself, that state is Parabrahman.

14. I, who am there before consciousness, am not concerned in any way to all that happens in consciousness.

15. Your conviction should be such that no question at all should arise in the future about That.

16. How did I come about? That is the question which needs investigation.

17. Consciousness never come or goes, it just appear to have come.

18. Can you live like that, as the non-manifest?

19. How can one who is not born, die?

20 It is only the consciousness that is going to disappear, the Absolute is always there.

21. What a fall! The perfect state, caught up in these experiences, and trying to derive certain benefit from them!


Three: Prior to Consciousness

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

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Three Prior to Consciousness - The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

1. Prior to this identification with the body, you must recede into that.

2. Witnessing of the beingness happens to the eternal principle, the Absolute.

3. I, the Absolute never had any experience that I was alive.

4. I, the Absolute have no needs, I ever prevail.

5. The non-attention Parabrahman state has no attention ‘I am’.

6. Before the beingness was there, look at that, be in that state.

7. Timeless, spaceless existence doesn’t know it is. That is reality. That is truth.

8. As the eternal principle you prevail in spite of all happenings.

9. To the Absolute witnessing of the ‘I amness’ occurs, this is the siddha standpoint.

10. I, the Absolute am not this ‘I amness’.

11. Not-knowing is perfection, knowing is imperfection, fraudulent.

12. When the ‘I am’ goes into oblivion, that is the eternal state, no form, no beingness.

13. There is no question of going into that state; you are in the Supreme state.

14. Without reason or cause the consciousness spontaneously appears on the Absolute.

15. As you get closer to the truth, you will loose interest in worldly affairs.

16. My true nature is that which was before the body and consciousness came into being.

17. It is quite simple: all that which is time-bound is untrue.

18. I am the perfect state, when the ‘I amness’ was not.

19 What was your state before the ‘I am’ arose? Go back to the source.

20. That which you don’t know is the right state.

21. Throw away everything as useless after this consciousness has come.

22. In the Absolute there is no need of any kind, even the need to know oneself.

23. Sat Guru (Parabrahman) is your true nature.

24. In the Absolute the ‘I am’ comes, they are not two.

25. Donating the self you get brahma, donating brahma you get Parabrahman.

26. The teaching which destroys the individual is exactly what he seeks.

27. You just stumble on the knowledge that the individual was never there.


Two: Seeds of Consciousness

Nisargadatta Maharaj 9 Border Frame

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

By Pradeep Apte

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Two: Seeds of Consciousness - The Nisargadatta Ultimatum

1. What you don’t know, that is prior-most.

2. Before you acquired this knowledge ‘I am’, that is the real state.

3. Come to the conclusion that you are not the consciousness.

4. The Absolute doesn’t know itself at all.

5. When the body dies, you do not die.

6. When everything goes you are the real.

7. Your true identity is beyond this quality of ‘I amness’.

8. The state before you were born and after you die is your permanent property.

9. Before the knowledge ‘I am’ appeared on you, that is Parabrahman.

10. If you revert properly, the consciousness ‘I am’ will disappear.

11. The Parabrahman does not know that it is.

12. You are the underlying principle of consciousness, be in that.

13. The eternal One is that which you have never forgotten.